Cycling Shorts for Men

Comfort and performance go hand-in-hand when it comes to cycling, which is why you can find high quality men's cycling shorts online at OBS.

Pushing through the final kilometres of a race, or reaching the summit of a tough mountain trail can be the most excruciating part of a journey. Your level of comfort can often dictate whether you make that final push, or are stopped in your tracks.

This is where your cycling accessories and apparel come in most handy, and with the bicycle seat being a major contact point, it is important to have the right shorts for the ride.

Products like our bib shorts for men boast breathable material, which is also durable and quick drying, so the heat of any race won't wear you down. Proper, padded shorts also allow superior comfort without any niggling chaffing, while there are also no loose, hanging bits of material that can get caught up in the fast moving parts.

Check out the full range of men's cycling shorts now.