Silverback – Silverback

At Silverback, we focus on bikes and only bikes. With our headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, we spearhead global trends and strive to be a future forward, cutting edge company. Because of this, we use engineering and suspension software in order to develop world-class frame designs. We want to make the best bikes at the most affordable prices using proprietary technologies only. Deon Retief founded Silverback in 2004, and since then has prided himself in researching new and dynamic ways to improve the bicycle model, making it more aerodynamic and destined for gold. Because of this, Silverback is an award-winning, internationally renowned bicycle-design company. We win awards because of our innovative designs, but also on the race circuit. This includes nine Cape Epic podiums, seven UCI Race podiums, as well as one UCI World Cup win. Our passion is the bike. We’re best in class.