Bicycle Range

At OBS we have a wide range of Bicycles. View all our bicycles here on our online shop. 

We have road bicycles, mountain bicycles, Kids bikes, Fat bikes, Classic bicycles and many more types.

The adventures one could have on a bicycle are endless. You’ve got the choice of riding on the road, up hills, seeing views you’d never thought you could see on a bike, or on the mountain, down trails and through valleys you’d never be able to reach in any other form of transport. The bicycle can do great things for you.

We have an awesome range of road bicycles, mountain bicycles, kids bicycles, fat bicycles and classic bicycles to help you realize and embrace your love for adventure. With great high-quality brands like Silverback, Giant, Cannondale, Merida and many many more, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need at OBS (Online Bicycle Shop).

Whether you’re a Lone Ranger, or you enjoy having a day out on the bike with your family, we’ve got you covered with our all inclusive range. You’ll be able to shop for everyone, all in one spot!

So next time you’re on the hunt for a bike, whether it’s for the road, mountain or track, let us be your one-stop shop for all things bicycle. Be sure to check out our full range online now!