Winter Cycling Gear

Whether you enjoy casual rides along the beachfront, or tough trips up a steep mountain trail, the weather can play a major part in your experience.

That's why when winter rolls around, many cyclists can quickly come to dread their favourite past time. However, at OBS we have sourced a wide selection of winter cycling clothing that will keep the cold at bay.

It's tough to take on the bad weather if you don't have the right gear, as you can pile on heavy layers which eventually have you overheating halfway through your ride.

Our selection of winter cycling clothing is tailored specifically for riding in cold weather, ensuring that you can stay warm but still comfortable throughout your journey.

Check out the full range of apparel online now, as well as our selection of bicycle parts, cycling shoes and safety gear.

Remember, if you purchase over R1000 in accessories, your order will be shipped to you for free!