Nutrition - Energy Bars

Everyone needs a little ‘pick-me-up’ every now and then. Perhaps something to just get you going on that early morning ride. The energy bars stocked at OBS (Online Bicycle Shop) are delicious, nutritious, and will definitely get you through the cold morning.

With a range of flavours like Date & Cranberry, Salty Peanut, and Apple Pie, and brands like Racefood and Power Bar, OBS provides you with a variety of energy bars. These energy bars allow you the strength you need to push through the pain of climbing those steep hills and finish with a new personal best.

The food you eat when training, or even on race-day, is super important, and energy bars can play a major role in your performance. Whether it’s before, after, or during a race, these energy bars can give you that extra push needed from within.

Be sure to check out our awesome range of energy bars online now!