Parts - Bottom Brackets

Attempting to achieve your personal best up a hill, or just going for a casual ride, it all takes planning and separate parts that work together to give you the best experience. At Online Bicycle Shop (OBS), we strive to provide the best separate parts that help you customize your bike to just how you like it.

The bike stand and bottom brackets at OBS range from brands like Shimano, to ABC, and help you to tailor your bike to your personal preference and ensure you’re achieving the best results and looking good while doing it. The bottom brackets connect the pedals, chains and crankset to the bicycle which allows the crankset to rotate more freely. 

Customizing your bike with bottom brackets could help you achieve your best results yet and also help you to enjoy every ride to the absolute fullest. Personalization and choosing the best option for you is possible, and we’re here to help.

Be sure to check out our range of bottom brackets online now!