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Handle-bars can be viewed as the steering mechanism for the bike, just as the steering wheel is for a car. This makes it super important to your overall performance and the upkeep of it should be one of your main priorities. 

At OBS (Online Bicycle Shop) we have a bunch of awesome handle-bar accessories to add to your bike and either give you an edge in a race, or just a cool new toy to play with. With brands like Giant and Avalanche, you’re guaranteed quality in our range of grips and tape, which would also add a new level of comfort to your ride. This tends to pay off when you’re going for the cross-country gold, or even just a huge trek up the side of a mountain.

So next time you’re looking to increase the comfort of your handle-bars, or looking to add a bit of flare to them, be sure to check out our range of handle-bar grips and accessories online now!