Cycling Bottles

Hydration is immensely important when pushing the limits on your bike. With the quality range of bottles offered at OBS (Online Bicycle Shop), you’ll be able to keep sipping on ice cold water while trying to finish those last few miles of your races.

OBS has awesome brands like Camelbak, Titan and Giant that allow you to pick and choose exactly which shape, size and colour would work best for you. Staying hydrated on the bike can give you that extra edge to finish that race just a second quicker, and it keeps you from feeling fatigued or running into some serious health issues along the way.

The cycling water bottles offered at OBS can be paired with our awesome bottle cages to give you the full set-up for your bike. And if you’re not just interested in putting plain water in your new bottle, OBS also offers a great range of nutritional supplements for the bottle that you can mix with water to help with your recovery and energy.

Be sure to check out our range of cycling bottles online now!