Road Cleats

Bicycle cleats can play such an important role in your everyday and competitive rides. Having good road cycling cleats can help you take your cycles on the road to the next level.

At Online Bicycle Shop (OBS), we can provide high-quality road cycling cleats from brands like Shimano, Look and Ryder, guaranteeing you that extra grip to allow you to push harder and cross the line with a new personal best time. Road cycling cleats are different to MTB cleats in that they are designed for longer rides and allow you to have more of an efficient power transfer. 

Bicycle cleats are an essential part of your cycling uniform and are designed to help you perform better on the bike. They make the work you need to put in to achieve the best results, a little bit easier.

So whether it’s road cycling cleats you’re looking for, or cleats for Mountain Biking, be sure to check out our awesome range online now!