Travel Bags

When you have races across the country (or even the world), putting your bike into a travel bag is absolutely essential if you’re looking to keep it in tip-top shape. At OBS we’ve got you covered with awesome brands like Titan that are so quality-assured, you won’t have to worry about your bike while trying to make sure you’re on the right flight or if all your luggage has arrived at your destination. 

Travel bags can also include bags to put your important objects into when you’re riding on the bike itself. OBS has these kinds of products in stock, which allows you to know your devices are securely kept in waterproof and lockable bags that will stay safe during your ride through any kinds of conditions.

So whether you’re in the market for a bag to put your bike into when you travel great distances by car or plane, or for a bag you can put your devices into when you travel great distances on your bike itself, be sure to check out our range of travel bags online now!

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