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Cycling on the road can be extremely dangerous when you don’t have any awareness of your surroundings. Cars on the road tend to not give cyclists the right of way, or any space on the road, so we feel that bicycle mirrors can come in very handy in certain situations.

At OBS, safety of the rider is of the utmost importance, and bicycle mirrors can add a lot towards helping our riders stay safe. We offer mirrors from amazing quality brands like Cateye, and when strapped onto the front of your bike, can act exactly as in a car where you’re able to view all the happenings behind you. 

This can allow you to keep your focus on your performance and the road you’re travelling without having to be paranoid about any oncoming traffic or other cyclists behind you. You’ll be able to push your limits and focus solely on your output.

If you’re in the market for bicycle mirrors that can provide you with a whole lot of advantages, be sure to check out our range online now!