Bottle Cages

Hydration is very important when you’re sweating it out on the bike. Whether you’re climbing to the top of the mountain, or taking an easy ride along the river, it’s very important to stay hydrated. Every rider has his or her specific preferences, and which bottle cage to get is definitely on that list.

The bicycle bottle cages offered at OBS is one that covers all shapes, sizes and colours. We understand the indecisiveness that some may have and we have those types of people covered. With awesome brands like Titan, Giant and Cannondale, you’ll be able to choose the perfect bottle cage for you that will only help you get one step closer to reaching your goals. 

Bottle cages attach to the bike under your seat and allow you to easily reach your bottle for a quick sip and gasp for air when you're pushing your bike to its limits. They come in different shapes to allow it not to get in the way of your legs while they’re steering the bike along. 

Be sure to check out our extensive range of bicycle bottle cages online now!