Cycling Shoes for Road

Cycling gear cannot be overlooked when you are looking to squeeze out top performance on any ride, and no accessory is as important as road cycling shoes.

Sure, they may offer some stylish and striking designs, but the gear on offer at OBS (Online Bicycle Shop) is produced by famous cycling brands and are focused on improving your experience.

Cycling shoes allow for superior comfort, protection and unrivalled performance no matter what conditions you find yourself in. With the pedals being one of just three contact points on a bicycle, your cycling cleats are essential in ensuring that your feet don’t feel the negative effects of the constant pressure that comes with powering your bike forward.

The shoes we offer come from brands such as Shimano, Giro and Ryder, all established manufacturers within the cycling industry, and each with their own range of benefits.

Check out the road cycling shoes on offer, as well as a full range of other cycling apparel, online now.