Parts - Bells

Safety on the road and tracks is a huge factor to take into account when hopping on to the bike. Bells for your bike allow you to ensure those around you are able to hear that you’re around and could prevent huge incidents.

At OBS (Online Bicycle Shop) we stock a quality range of bicycle bells that come in all shapes and sizes from brands like Cateye and ABC. The bells attach easily to the front of your bike and are in easy reach for you to ring if needed, and there with allowing you to steer clear of any disaster that might strike.

Bells come in very handy for situations where you might want to overtake another rider or pedestrian, when you’re riding in the early or late hours of the day and you need to be heard by other cyclists or pedestrians (in which case we also recommend our front and rear lights for easier visibility), and when you just to simply ring a bell while out on the bike.

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