Wahoo Kickr Headwind

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Wahoo Kickr Headwind has a variable speed vortex fan that is capable of reaching wind speeds experienced while speeding down the open road, delivering the high velocity cooling needed to stay comfortable during the toughest indoor workouts.

WAHOO KICKR HEADWIND pairs directly with smart trainers in addition to compatible training programs, heart rate monitors and speed sensors to gauge workout intensity and automatically adjusts fan speed based on your efforts. Or simply control the fan manually to set your ideal fan speed.

The Targeted Airflow Pattern of KICKR HEADWIND is designed to tunnel the fan’s airflow at your body, where you need it most and provides a superior outdoor feel – indoors.

Motor Spec: 120v 60hz
Dimensions (leg tucked): 16″L x 12″W x 19″H
Dimensions (leg extended): 18″L x 12″W x 19″H
Weight: 12 lb
Max Fan Speed: 30 mph/48 kph
Wireless Software Updates: Yes
Bluetooth – Pair to phone to control the fan speed via app
ANT+ – Pair to speed sensor, heart rate monitor, or smart trainer to control fan speed
Adjustable Leg: Yes – 2 Positions