Max Wax

Max Wax Chain Lube 125ml

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Max Wax Chain Lube 

Max Wax is made from the same base material as the top chainwaxes in the country with added innovation. 

Reason being is that some products were prone to clogging up with continuous use which some brands solved by adding water. This may have solved the clogging but negatively impacted on the lubrication and the prevention of rust on the chain.

Max Wax uses a natural tackifier (a chemical compound to increase the stickiness or adhesiveness) and a natural orange oil to overcome these issues.

Using Max Wax, you only need to use a little of the lube once every 10 hours of cycling. 

Max Wax is also a Proudly South African Brand that is manufactured and produced here. 

When usng Max Wax, you would need to apply it the night before you ride, as this gives the lube time to dry which activates the tackifier. You can apply the lube just before a ride, but you will get better results if done the night before. 

Main Features:

- It is water/wax based

- Environmentally friendly

- Contains Orange Oil

- Ideal for wet or dry conditions

- It is Proudly South African

- It gives your chain a longer life span

-  Super smooth shifting and pedaling

- No build up

- Easy to apply

- No degreasing required