Powerbar Caffeine Boost 200mg caffeine

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Powerbar Caffeine Boost Ampoule

Many athletes depend on the benefits of caffeine in their training and competition. You can have low dosages that can give you a mental push and higher dosages of 3-4 mg per kilogram body weight you can even increase your endurance performance.

PowerBar Caffeine Boost delivers this necessary active dose of 200mg caffeine (for 70kg body weight) in a simple shot and combines multiple caffeine sources such as Mate tea and Guarana extracts. With just 0,6g of sugars per shot it is perfect for training sessions. 

It also gives you the possibility to take caffeine independent from your carbohydrate intake through drinks or gels.

Highlights are

- 25ml shot containing Mate tea and Guarana extracts

- Caffeine contributes to an increase in endurance performance

- Low sugar - just 0,6g per shot

- Natural flavours